The Black Mages on The Black Mages-yhtyeen ensimmäinen studioalbumi. Se sisältää taistelumusiikkia Final Fantasysta Final Fantasy X:n.

Raidat Muokkaa

  1. "Battle Scene" (Final Fantasy)
  2. "Clash on the Big Bridge" (Final Fantasy V)
  3. "Force Your Way" (Final Fantasy VIII)
  4. "Battle Scene II" (Final Fantasy II)
  5. "The Decisive Battle" (Final Fantasy VI)
  6. "Battle Theme" (Final Fantasy VI)
  7. "J-E-N-O-V-A" (Final Fantasy VII)
  8. "Those Who Fight Further" (Final Fantasy VII)
  9. "Dancing Mad" (Final Fantasy VI)
  10. "Fight with Seymour" (Final Fantasy X)

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